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SpaceX Falcon9 Launch Countdown 6:03 pm EST 2/11/15 with DSCOVR
VAFB SLC-2W/DELTA-II Launched 1/31/15 6:22 a.m. PST with SMAP
DeltaIV launch 12/5/14 at 7:05am EST from LC-37 with Orion EFT-1
Launched 7/2/14 2:56:23 PDT from VAFB of OCO-2 on a Delta-II
NASA webcast of FIRST Robotics 2014 Championships in St. Louis 4/23/14
NASA webcast of FIRST Robotics 2014 Orlando Regional 3/13/14
Atlas-V Lauched 1/23/14 at 9:33pm EDT from LC-41 of TDRS-L
NASA webcast of FIRST Robotics 2014 Kickoff at 10:30am EST 1/4/2014
Atlas-V Countdown 11/18/13 1:28 EDT from LC-41 of MAVEN mission to Mars
Pegasus XL Launched 6/27/13 10:27:30 EDT from VAFB of IRIS.
FIRST Robotics Championship - St Louis 4/25/13-4/27/13
FIRST Robotics Orlando Regional Competition Webcast 3/7/13-3/9/13
Countdown of SpaceXFalcon9 from CCAS Complex 40 3/1/13 of CRS-2 to ISS.
Countdown of Atlas-V from VAFB Complex 3E 1PM EST 2/11/13 of LDCM.
Atlas-V Launch at 8:48pm EST 1/30/13 of the TDRS-K Tracking Satellite
NASA webcast of FIRST Robotics 2013 Kickoff at 10:30am EST 1/5/2013
Webcast of Atlantis Delivery to KSC Visitors Center on 11/2/12
Atlas-V Countdown of the RBSP
Pegasus launch countdown from Kwajalein - 6/13/12 at 11:30am of the NuSTAR
5/19/12 Dragon Launch 5/22/12 3:44AM EDT on the SPACE-X Falcon9 Vehicle
FIRST Robotics National Competition St Louis 4/26/12-4/29/12
NASA Webcast / FIRST Robotics 2012 Central Fla Regional from FIRST 3/8/12-3/10/12
NASA webcast of FIRST Robotics 2012 Kickoff at 10:30am EST 1/7/2012
Atlas-V Launch Countdown for 11/26/11 Launch with Mars Science Laboratory
Delta-II Launch 10/28/11 with NPP Earth Observing satellite
Delta-II Launched 9/10/11 at 9:08AM EDT with GRAIL Mission to the Moon
Atlas5/Juno Countdown 8/5/11 of Juno mission to Jupiter
Final STS Landing 7/21/11 5:57am of Atlantis with STS-135/ULF7/MPLM6
Launch 6/10/11 10:20:13 EDT from VAFB of SAC-D/Aquarius(Delta-II)
Landing 6/1/11 2:34:51 EDT of Endeavour with STS-134/ULF6/AMS
Launch 5/16/11 8:56am EDT of Endeavour with STS-134/ULF6/AMS
FIRST Robotics National Competition St Louis 4/27/11-4/30/11
Landing 3/9/2011 of Discovery with STS-133 with Station ULF5/PMM
FIRST Robotics Florida Regional Competition Webcast 3/10/11-3/12/11
Launch 3/4/11 10:09:45 GMT from VAFB SLC 576-E of GLORY ILC (TAURUS XL)
Launch 2/24/2011 4:53pm EST of Discovery with STS-133 with Station ULF5/PMM
NASA webcast of FIRST Robotics 2011 Kickoff on 10:30am EST 1/8/2011
VAFB Launch 11-5-2010 at 10:20:03 PDT of COSMOS-4 onboard a Boeing Delta-II
Launch Countdown from Delta-IV Launch Complex 37 with GPS IIF-1
Landed 5/26/10 8:49:18am EDT of Shuttle Atlantis at KSC Runway 33
Launched 5/14/10 2:20pm EDT Shuttle Atlantis with STS-132/MRM1/ICC-VLD
Landing 4/20/10 at 9:08:35 am EDT of Shuttle Discovery on SLF Runway 33 at KSC
Live NASA webcast of FIRST Robotics 2010 championships in Atlanta 4/15/10 - 4/17/10
Launch 4/5/10 at 6:21 am EDT of Shuttle Discovery with STS-131/MPLM
Launched 3/4/10 6:57pm EST from Delta-IV Launch Complex 37 with GOES-P
Launched 2/11/10 10:23am from Atlas-5 Launch Complex 41 with SDO
Launch 2/8/10 at 4:14am EST of Shuttle Endeavour with STS-130/ISS Node 3
Rollout to LC-39B 10/19/09 and
Launch Countdown of ARES-1X 10/27/09
Experience Live WebCams from KSC (NASA-TV, Schedule)
Live Camera views of Space Station processing in the SSPF

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